Penis Pumps – The best one for you

Penis Pumps – The best one for you?


Whether its being used for Masturbation, increasing Penis size or restoring sexual function, AO have a pump that will suit your individual needs.  We have assisted plenty of gentlemen by giving them the correct information and products that keep them and their partner sexually satisfied every time! So let me take you through everything you need to know about penis pumps and using them.

Upon a man’s arousal, the penis will naturally fill with blood causing it to become erect and ready for sex. This unfortunately does not happen for men who have erectile dysfunction (ED). Things like age, injury, medical conditions, prostate surgery and medication can cause  ED and sadly this condition can really interfere with an individual’s or couple’s sex life quality – confidence drops, the sex becomes less and less and sexual intimacy may even come to a complete halt. Here’s where pumping can help immensely!


Basically, there are 3 internal tubes that form the penis – two on the side (called the corpora cavernosa) and 1 underneath (corpora spongiosum). A penis pump creates a vacuum over the penis utilising either air or water – this vacuum pressure expands these 3 internal tubes allowing more blood to circulate throughout. So blood flow creates an erection and an increased blood flow creates an even bigger erection meaning more size. This is where penis pumping can be beneficial to men with and without erectile dysfunction. If you have trouble keeping your erection after pumping, simply slip a cockring over the pump and onto the base of your penis before removing your pump. There you have it, you’re ready & roaring to go! 😉

Penis Pumps - the best one for you
Internal Structure of the Penis



With regular use of your pump, you may experience the following results:

  • Increased girth and length when flaccid and/or erect
  • A complete erection (During & immediately after use)
  • Intensified Orgasms
  • Improved Sex Drive
  • Controlled Ejaculations

Now saying that, AO Adult store offers the following penis pumps, so which one suits you?


The Handsome up pump, is your average Penis Pump with a Great Price.  It comes with a High quality clear plastic cylinder, a rubber bulb, airtight tube with safety and manual release valves and a set of three different rubber sleeves so when you increase in size, you don’t have to buy larger sleeves or possibly a new pump. Instructions are included and are easy to follow for assembly so you can obtain the results of a larger, more confident penis! Master AO does recommend the Handsome up. It’s simple and easy to use. You will definitely see the results over the recommended time. At AO Adult Store we also supply replacement parts for the Handsome Up Pump.

Penis Pumps - the best one for you


Perfect for the Beginner, not too fancy and no need for batteries. With its high Intensity super suction, The Pumpworx Beginner Pump will definitely give you the results you’re chasing. This beginner pump comes with a medical-style pump ball with a quick release valve so you can relieve the pressure with just the push of a button. The Beginners pump will make you grow bigger, thicker and swell to the size you have always dreamt of. Once you start using this pump you will discover throbbing, rock hard erections that last with no midway performance let downs. The beginners Penis Pump comes in a range of different colours. Such as clear, Black, Blue, Red and Purple

Penis Pumps - the best one for you



This pump is very similar in look and use to the Beginner Penis pump that I mentioned just above. The only difference? It comes with Powerful Vibrating Bullet that attaches to the front of the cock pump. So you can enjoy the extra stimulation while you pump up your Penis. AO Master got to test out this one too and he says ‘he could feel the extra stimulation and he liked the pleasure he was feeling as well as watching his penis harden and enlarge’. He reckons he’ll be using it again.



The Bathmate Goliath cock pump is an advanced sized cock pump for those looking for a bit more in their cock pumping regime. This is the ULTIMATE of all cock pumps. This One-size-fits-most hydro pump fills with water and seals against your body so that a firm vacuum can be attained.

It’s made with High-grade materials; the Goliath Bathmate also comes with a shower strap (to always have it in reach), an imperial measuring gauge to track your progress and a gym bag style pouch for it all to be packed away in. The Goliath Bathmate comes is only available in Blue at AO.

The Bathmate chamber is approx. 26cm (8.1″) long with a 9cm (3.75) diameter – a huge amount of space for a plus-sized cock pumper!

Gain 1- 3 inches in length, while increasing penis thickness, enlarging penis head, improving sexual stamina, and intensifying orgasms.

For use in an aquatic environment. After 5 minutes in the shower or bath, the muscles, sinews and tissues in the penis have warmed, relaxed and extended. This helps in creating the ultimate conditions in which to improve muscle condition and create length/girth with a pumping regime. Water supports the penis tissue in the vacuum, creating a more stable, secure and safe pumping environment for the penis tissue, and the unique all-in-one pump design means no breaking or replaceable parts.

May help with Peyronie’s Disease. If finding difficulty in achieving a vacuum with the pump, try trimming the pubic area or using a silicone based lubricant to create a better seal. Suitable for use with either water- or silicone-based lubricants.

It is even easier to use all you need to do is  fill your bathtub with water. Once you are in the tub, submerge the Bathmate until it is completely full of water.

Whilst under water, insert your flaccid penis into the cylinder. Push the Bathmate down towards the pelvis area several times until you create a vacuum.

Surplus water is dispensed from the pressure release valve at the top of the pump. You might have to pump it down four or five times until no more water comes out of the pressure valve.

Every 4 to 5 minutes, try pumping down again. As your penis is expanding, this will force the excess water from the top of the of the Bathmate each time you pump down. If you feel the pressure is too high, just press lightly on the pressure release on the top of the Bathmate unit. This will release the pressure. After 15 minutes, release the pressure completely by pressing the top of the unit and remove the device. Stand up from the bathtub and be amazed from the first time with your increased penis length and girth. Repeat every 24 hours for six weeks for maximum results.

Penis Pumps - the best one for you
Bathmate cock pump Goliath available in blue only.

The List of Benefits of using a Penis Pump is never ending. So really, what are you waiting for? If you’re after bigger erections, intensified orgasms, controlled ejaculations and an improved sex drive, pop on down to A.O and try a good quality penis pump today!

Happy Pumping

AO Mistress XX

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  1. Can you supply replacement silicone sleeves for the pump worx penis tube.
    The box just says “Pipedream” Pump worx.
    I say the tube is 19cm and the tube width is 8cm.
    Thank You Ken.

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