Lingerie. How do I know it will fit?

Lingerie. How do I know it will fit?

Finding the right size in sexy lingerie for you can be hard when your figure is changing all the time. Most of the time the sizes vary from maker to maker.

It could also be that your partner is out buying it for you and has forgotten your size. Men hey? Whoops! Don’t despair though here at AO we are here to help.

So here are a few tips on how to find the sizes that are just right.

One size fits all 

Generally speaking, one size fits all is a play it safe card. If you are in the general weight area that is recommended it is also an easy pick for you.

It also means that the garment is most likely made from a stretchy lace material or is adjustable.

It has a 99% success rate. So it is great for purchasing online and great for when the hubby is shopping if he is not sure on the size.

This size will fit most 40kg- 72kg. (90-160 pounds)

Most of AO one size fits all body stockings and underwear are crutch-less, so that means no fussing around trying to strip off in the heat of passion! If your not into the whole crutch-less idea, there are other body stockings in store that don’t have the crutch-less option.

Lingerie. How do I know it will fit

Queen Size

Queen size simply means to fit plus size women; Queen Size will fit 68kg – 113kg. (150 – 250 pounds) It will stretch or adjust to fit most XL, 2 XL and 3 XL.

You also have the same options with the Queen sized body stockings and underwear. You can buy crutch-less or non crutch-less it is purely up to you.

In the Fetish Fantasy Range, Diva size is also available. This size allows a wear for

Lingerie. How do I know it will fit


You will find that 95% of thigh highs and pantyhose are either labelled ONE SIZE OR QUEEN SIZE. If you are taller than the average or above 5’ 7ft you may consider going with the QUEEN SIZE. This will help with the extra height not weight 🙂

Lingerie. How do I know it will fit


If you are looking for a corset it is quite easy, always go by the band size, just like your bra. Alternatively we do have measuring tapes at AO and friendly staff that will assist you to get your accurate size.

A corset is usually sold by the band width of your under breast circumference. You don’t need the CUP SIZE; this is because a corset is usually adjustable at the bust and waist with a back ribbon.

Sometimes corsets don’t have the band size on them and are just labelled with a size of small, large etc. This is where you may need some help by our friendly staff to measure you up and get your right size. If you are ordering out of a catalogue, you will need to be measured to ensure that the right size for you is ordered and fits nicely.


Lingerie. How do I know it will fit
Polka dot over-bust corset, available in-store at AO Adult store in Toowoomba (limited stock)


Lingerie. How do I know it will fit

Lingerie. How do I know it will fit

All corsets and other lingerie items can be ordered via our catalogue in store.

The same goes for men’s sizing. If you are looking for a g-string we have all different types available at AO Adult store. From G-strings to T-backs and waist ties. In all sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Lingerie. How do I know it will fit

Please remember that it is important to choose the right size as refunds and exchanges are generally not accepted on lingerie items. Hope this has been a great help in sizing you up.

xx AO Mistress



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