Couples Sex – Keeping it Fresh & Fun!

We all lead very busy lives whether it is a full time job, children or study. We all as couples need to make time to love and cherish our partners and of course ourselves. Without intimacy and bond and closeness to each other it can put a great weight on your relationship and cause issues. The intimacy you share and the bond you are creating with your partner it is much much more than “just” sex. So here’s a list of DO’s & DON’T’s that will encourage an incredible sex life, satisfaction and intimacy with your partner.

DO Talk About Sex – in detail!

You need to communicate with your partner about sex to have a great sex life. Speak about boundaries, concerns, discomforts, what’s working, what’s not working, discuss fantasies, use of toys; absolutely everything! Be mindful of your words, facial expressions and body language whilst engaging your partner. Looking uncomfortable or out of place can defiantly end this reach out and put a stop to anything you are trying to accomplish.

DON’T Devalue Sex

Make time for sex just as you would for other important aspects in your life. Make time to feel sexy, be intimate and to continue developing a connection with your partner. Take your time and enjoy it, you don’t need to rush.

DO Try Different Things

So you know what your partner likes? That is fantastic but the downside is monotony can be a mood killer and repeating the same thing over and over again can wear thin very quickly. Breaking sexual routine isn’t that hard – search up positions and throw one (or two) in the next time you and your partner have sex. Just change it up slowly and at a comfortable pace. Change the time of day or area in which you have sex so instead of the bedroom do it on the lounge or on the table mix it up. Try role play, watch porn movies or even sext each other whilst in the same room it can change the atmosphere very quickly.

DON’T Rush It

Unless it’s a quickie, learn how to take your time with touch, foreplay and sex. Rushing through sex like its a race only means that you miss out on deeply connecting with your partner.

DO Foreplay

Foreplay is a big must in the bedroom, exploring each other will heighten your experiences and sensuality which incredibly boosts intimacy. Use things like vibrators, games, sexting, seductive conversations, lingerie etc. to increase arousal before sex.

DON’T Ever Pressure Your Partner

Pressuring yourself or your partner during sex can lead to disconnection and lack of intimacy. A few pressure topics may include pressure to orgasm, pressure to last longer or pressure for more sex each week when you are working and busy. Aim for a reasonable limit with how frequently you and your partner have sex. It doesn’t need or have to be every night. Pleasure one another in new ways try out new things with each other to spice it up in the bedroom. Learn to be a giver and a receiver don’t just be the one.

Ok ok enough with the heavy, here are some great ideas to spice things up with your partner!

Play Games…

Time bomb – Grab your egg timer or clock and set it for 10 or 20 minutes

The idea of this game is to not allow penetration whilst the timer is on. All you are allowed to do is explore each other and enjoy and slow down with your foreplay.


Blind man in the buff – Grab your blindfold

Lead your man wherever you want and tease him, lick, play all you want to. This will increase his sensitivity and his vulnerability to you which will heighten the mood.


Cards, Board Games and Dice

Guaranteed to spice up your sex life! If you and your partner have trouble deciding how to kick things off, position cards, dice and board games will make the decisions for you. It’s a sure-fire way to keep things interesting and unexpected. AO Adult Store stock a range of these products that increase fun, pleasure and intimacy between a couple.


Bondage and Fetish Games

If you want to go the extra mile and spice it up just a tad bit more than usual, try out our Bondage and Fetish games. They are for beginners and are very exciting and will definitely excite.















Throw in a couple’s toy…

You can’t surpass a great couple’s toy. If you’re not really looking for the games to help excite and spice up your life, why not try a couple’s toy or other great sex toys available?

Couples cock rings, cages, extensions and vibrators can really make a difference to a couple’s sex life. It increases fun, heightens sensitivity and intensify orgasms for both partners. Speak to the friendly staff at AO to find the best couples toy for you!










Happy Loving

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